Great Food...

To us, great food is about respect at so many different levels. Respect to our bodies & health, respect to our society, friends, & family, respect to our environment, natural resources, & animals, and respect to the producers & the process of making the food. And as such, great food is also about love. It is a unique experience that connects us with those people behind the food, that is, the hard-working individuals who didn't cut corners, who painstakingly looked for the purest and the best of ingredients, who respected the process of making great food, who, ultimately, love what they do. We, Aurinko Foods, are all about those values, respect, love, health, nature, family, fairness, equality, when it comes to finding and bringing to you only great food.

...to Everybody

A common misconception is that healthy food is expensive or isn't as tasty. Several blind tests have proven that the most tasty products are often those made with the most natural ingredients and with the most well-thought and caring methods. We want to democratise such tasty and great food. A way we achieve that is by developing cost-efficient strategies in processes that don't directly benefit the consumer, such as advertising, packaging, and transportation. In the end, we want the consumer to pay almost exclusively for the real value of the product