World-class feta & premium cheeses

To experts, it is no secret that not all feta is created equal, and that there is wide range of feta quality that can be found in food stores, We are elite partners with a Greek company that takes great pride in the quality of feta that it produces with repeated international taste awards. They use only fresh Greek milk from free-ranging goat and sheep. They also allow the feta to mature 6 months (vs. 2 months which is the industry standard) and this allows excellent bioavailability of nutrients and taste characteristics. They also a leading company in the production of organic feta and also of a wide-range of other premium cheeses.

High-content fresh avocado foods

Avocado consumption has renowned benefits against the #1 cause of death worldwide, that is, cardiovascular disease along with several other documented health benefits. However, most avocado-based products have extremely low content in avocado, for example, just 1.5%! and they often contain preservatives. We are exclusive importers to Scandinavia of exceptionally fresh avocado dips, spreads, and salad dressings. The avocado pulp in those foods is maintained as fresh as the very moment that was produced via a patented method that uses absolutely no chemicals. In this way, the products can last in the refrigerator for several months and up to 30 days upon opening. Due to this process, the avocado content in these products is also exceptionally high, above 90% in avocado fruit. These products are thus 100% natural, preservative-free, keto-friendly, sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, dairy-free. And they taste amazing, containing only natural herbs, olives, lemon etc. Enjoy the most natural, healthy, and fresh avocado-based food to your salad and pasta or with your nachos and chips or sandwich or any other food.

Awarded vegan cheeses

When it comes to vegan cheese, great taste and quality of ingredients isn't always a given. From our classic yellow cheese to our white cheese in brine, our vegan cheese propositions are produced only with the quality of 100% natural ingredients like coconut and olive oil. The end result is a unique family of products of exceptional nutritional value and excellent taste that have been awarded in multiple international venues. These products are free from dairy, lactose, soya, gluten, nuts, and palm oil.